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Make a Holiday Gift Before December 31st 


For More Moments Like These


This holiday season, people everywhere will savour special moments. For Canadians who live with cystic fibrosis, life’s special moments are treasured even more. When you live with a fatal genetic disease, time is precious.

Despite the challenges we have all faced in 2020, Megan, mom of twin boys, who lives with CF, continues to push further to make meaningful memories and moments with the people she loves while she can. Today, that means exploring the mountains with her family and dreaming of their next holiday overseas.

“I want to see my kids growing up, I want to celebrate more anniversaries with my husband, I want to be able to retire because I’ve had a full and meaningful career, I want to be able to have the honour and privilege of growing older and celebrating more birthdays. All I want is to have the extraordinary privilege of living a normal and ordinary life. ” - Megan Parker, lives with cystic fibrosis

Time is so precious, and this is something William and his sister Leonie, both living with cystic fibrosis, know all too well. When William had to see Leonie’s health decline and came close to lose his sister while she waited for a double lung transplant to save her life, he felt helpless and terrified. He doesn’t want anyone to experience what him and Leonie went through.

“Growing up with my older sister, Léonie, was a gift. My sister and I treasured every moment of our childhood together, but we never knew what the future would hold.” – William Côté, lives with cystic fibrosis

Now thanks to advancement in CF research, advocacy and support, William and Leonie have hope for longer lives and special moments that once seemed impossible. Big or small, please give today to make their hopes come true.

Your donation today will help Cystic Fibrosis Canada continue to push further to gain access to life-changing CF medications, drive forward innovative research, provide specialized care and support. Help people with cystic fibrosis, like Megan, William and Léonie, live longer and healthier lives and experience moments that once seemed out of reach.

This holiday season, you’ll help give families living with cystic fibrosis more treasured moments. Donate before midnight on December 31st to have your gift matched up to $150,000 by two generous private donors.




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